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OpenShiro is registered as an Oregon Benefit Company and is an open startup, you can view the source code at:

Let's work on climate together.

- Duncan Miller, Founder

On a mission to help solve the climate crisis

Sun Workforce is a reverse job board for solar workers

Our reverse job board can help solar workers find employment at Sun Workforce. Solar workers can post a free profile and get hired by solar companies.

Shiro is an apprenticeship management system

Shiro is an open source application that solar companies can use to manage their apprenticeship programs. Solar companies of any size can use our open source software for free to manage either a full registered apprenticeship program reporting to the US Department of Labor, or an informal in-house program. OpenShiro offers consulting and development services to help our clients implement and maintain their shiro instance.

Beta Users

No Investors.

No Bullshit.

Thanks to our friends at Ghost for their help on this phrasing. OpenShiro is an open startup founded by Duncan Miller, the source code is published as well as our revenue and profits. OpenShiro is a collaborative of software developers and solar workers. We will never sell equity to investors and will always control the mission. OpenShiro is an Oregon Benefit Company and our legal charter requires a tripple bottom line accounting system to balance planet, people and profit. If we ever go out of business, our users can carry on our mission with our code.


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